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How to: Pillow, 0 grams, anti-slide and comfortable

I tested a lot of pillows outdoors since a good sleep is the basis of the hiking day. As often the simplest solutions are the best.

Note: This is not my idea. In fact, the idea might be as old as the invention of the air mattress. But it is stil a good one:


  • How can you use the T-shirt as pillow cover? Don’t you wear it?
    Do as you like. I usually have long sleep clothes in my pack, typically a pullover and a leggins made of type 100 fleece that also serve a spare warmth.

  • Is it for a reason that you turn the T-shirt inside out?
    Yes, it’s simply the skin-side of the shirt.
  • Doesn’t the T-shirt smell to much to rest your head on it?
    Well … no. I use a T-shirt made of merino-mix, that does not accumulate so much bad smells. When I take it off in the evening it ist mostly dry already and the smelly stuff has damped out.
  • What do you do if it gets really cold and you’re need to wear your jacket inside the quilt?
    I do what I always do: Improvise, vary, re-think. What’s the worst thing to hapen? Just to sleep one night without a pillow. But before it comes that far you still have oportunities: Put your shoes under the mattress. Or the food bag instead. Or just use your day trousers instead of the jacket as pillow fill. Or two handful of leaves in a plastic bag. It will not be an emergency, just a small problem that is easy to solve.
  • What for are the black elastics on the sleeping mat that can be seen in the video?
    They have nothing to do with the pillow and sevre as a quilt attachment. Details and my video about that can be found here (method B).

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